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We are your compounding specialists of Southern Illinois!

If you don't fit the one-size-fits-all options most prescriptions offer, compounding may be the answer! Let us customize your medicine to fit YOU! Let's turn a hard to swallow tablet into a liquid. Or take a medicine usually reserved for adults and use it in children at the correct dose. Can't swallow? Let's make a suppository! Need pain relief in a specific area? We can make a pain cream you won't find on any pharmacy shelf! Allergic to a dye, child can't stand that flavor or need a very specific strength the manufacturer doesn't offer? We can help you! We provide answers that others can't!





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Disclaimer: Compounding means we make medicines from scratch using raw materials on site and on demand. Each compound is made specifically for the individual patient and is unlike similar medicines that come from manufacturers and are tested by the FDA. This means there are no studies for safety and efficacy. The very basis of compounding does not fit that practice the manufacturers must follow. Please know that compounding is governed by state boards of pharmacy. We follow the standards of practice outlined in USP 795. We take great pride in our products and take every precaution to provide the safest product we can.