Starting March 16, 2020 we will institute temporary policy changes on how to interact with patients and the community as we work with state and federal officials in combating the spread of COVID-19.  Please work with us to ensure everyone's safety during these trying times as we institute Social Distancing procedures and reduce exposure as much as possible.  We encourage you to call the store if you have any questions or concerns about these procedures.  Following this guidance will not only help keep everyone safe but will make your wait times as short and efficient as possible.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this critical time.


The main points to remember are:

  1. Limit in store contact with pharmacy personnel by utilizing our drive-thru
  2. Limit surface contact by paying with credit card (preferably over the phone)
  3. When utilizing our delivery service help us identify questionable contacts and reduce interpersonal interactions

Pharmacy Operations Policy During COVID-19

UPDATE: 03/23/2020

ALL of our locations will be closing at 6pm until further notice

UPDATE: 03/21/2020

We will no longer be requiring signatures on prescriptions or credit cards until further notice to reduce external transmission

UPDATE: 03/17/2020 10:00 am

We will be closing our lobbies to the public at noon today (12:00 PM 03/17/2020).  Please utilize Drive Thru, if Drive Thru is congested you may call when you arrive to arrange for Curb Side Pick up, or you may still utilize delivery if you are unable to travel to the store for pickup.

We appreciate you patience and understanding during these troubling times.


  • We encourage an increased level of communication at this time.  If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions please contact us
  • If you haven't tried our app or online portal this is an excellent way to communicate with the store, see your profile, request refills and check status of your orders
    • Scroll down until you see the app store logos on our home page: www.lpprx.com
    • There will be an icon for Google, Apple, and the online portal which allows you to use the same features as the app on your computer
    • You will need a recent RX number (drop the last two digits which are refill counts) and your name as spelled on the bottle
    • There are helpful instructions just below the download icons
  • Whether you use the app, online refill form or you pick up the telephone please communicate ahead of time what you are needing filled so we can have it ready before you arrive
    • If your doctor is sending in a new script, please let us know you are coming for it
    • If it's time for your monthly fills please let us know to get them ready
    • Before you call, please have your list of meds ready.  Sometimes we miss something you need or fill something you weren't expecting, so it's best to give us an accurate list from the start

Drive Thru

  •  We urge you to use the Drive-Thru as best as possible
    • Please use the Drive-Thru for dropping off and picking up
    • When you drop off we will give you an approximate return time or ask for a phone number to call or text when your prescriptions are ready
    • If you are unsure if your order is ready please call ahead to check
    • When you return to the Drive-Thru for pick up we will try to keep the flow of vehicles moving.  This means if there are any issues holding up your order we may ask you to:
      • Pull around the building and re-queue
      • Park in the front of the building until called to return or until we bring your order out to you
      • Leave, if the time will be substantial, until we call you to return
    • In lieu of a signature we would typically require as proof of prescription pick-up or credit card payment we will be documenting internally only

Curb Side Pickup

  • If you are unable to utilize the Drive Thru we will bring your medicine out to you
      • Call the store and let us know you are out front and wish to utilize curb side pickup
        • We will need:
          • Name
          • Date of Birth
          • Number of items you are expecting to receive
          • We prefer to have you pay by credit card over the phone
      • Phone Numbers to use:
        • Family Drug
          • Carterville: 618-985-2441
          • Carbondale: 618-529-5351
        • Logan Primary Pharmacy
          • Herrin: 618-997-9997


  • We will continue to provide delivery service to those most vulnerable patients that are unable to leave their house
    • Please keep in mind asking for unnecessary delivery service exposes our delivery personnel to risks that could be passed on to others on the same route
  • Delivery service will be at the discretion of the Pharmacist on duty and will be scrutinized by passing a phone assessment for symptoms of sickness
    • When you call in and ask for a delivery we will ask medically relevant questions to assess the risk to our delivery personnel
    • If you are deemed to be of no risk, we will deliver to your door as we always have
      • Update: 3/21/2020 -  We will no longer be obtaining signatures directly from patients until further notice.  We will document the transfer of the sale internally.
    • If you are deemed to have an increased risk of infection we will make alternate arrangements including:
      • Leaving prescriptions on your doorstep and walking to a safe distance until you take possession of the order
      • Foregoing our required signature as proof of transaction when delivery is made
      • Only making the delivery when your presence and availability is confirmed
    • Deliveries must be requested in advance and given extra time for these arrangements.  A minimum of 24 hours may be necessary for several reasons

Payment Methods

  • Preferred payment methods are as follows to avoid unnecessary contact with commonly handled surfaces
    • Please note:  As described above we will no longer be requiring signatures for proof of sale.  This is in accordance with several temporary guidelines put in place surrounding these unusual times
  1. Credit Card / Debit Card over the phone (Our registers are encrypted with the current standard technology)
  2. Physical Credit / Debit Card
  3. Check
  4. Cash